A project of the Hajee Ahmed Mohamed Lockhat Wakuff

A project of the Hajee Ahmed Mohamed Lockhat Wakuff


How It All Started

Upto the early 1980’s, there were no Islamic Teacher Training colleges to provide the all important task of training Mu`allims and Mu`allimaat in the field of teaching Islamic education professionally, using a structured syllabus. The Islamic Educational Organisation of Southern Africa (IEOSA) then took on this task by employing a few personnel who worked on a core curriculum and syllabus.

Madrasah Teacher Training Course

Subsequently, with the demand for Teacher Training increasing and the dire need to establish a structured Teacher Education Course, an intensive bi-weekly 2 year Diploma Course for training Madrasah teachers was implemented. New teachers were given specific methodologies even to the extent of providing on-site training, commonly known as teaching practice. In addition to the imparting of knowledge in the respective Islamic subjects, the course offered subjects like Chalkboard techniques, Educational Psychology, Educational Methodology, Study Skills, First aid and Literacy, in order to fulfil the educational needs in our environment.

The Head of Department for Educational Psychology and Educational Methodology has devised a special course dealing specifically with the problems that the teacher would face in the Madrasah situation. The courses include general methodology where teachers are trained on techniques of effective classroom management, including keeping of progress records, marking of registers, filling in of lesson plans, and prep books, etc.

Course requirements are, self-study, tests, assignments, teaching practice, and a final examination followed by the issuing of Diplomas to successful students.

Objectives Of Pre-Primary/Kindergarten Education

The goal of the Integrated Secular and Islamic pre-primary/kindergarten school is to provide opportunities for the total development of the child's social emotional physical intellectual aesthetic spiritual , in keeping with the guidelines set out in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

IEOSA ‘Early Childhood Development’ Education

Alhamdulillah, IEOSA embarked on the first Integrated Secular and Islamic syllabi Pre-School Academy.  For example: When teaching Eating Etiquettes – We teach our children that before we eat, we wash our hands but do not wipe and after we eat we wash and wipe.  The Western system teaches that we must wipe our hands before eating. Therefore, using qualified personnel, we set out to research the ‘Early childhood Development’ program whereby the various aspects of a child’s education is done from an Islamic perspective

Aims & Goals

To provide a safe environment so that the child will not be afraid of new experiences.

To make them Allah Conscious

To provide opportunities and encouragement towards developing responsibility, self-control and independence while maintaining respect for adults.

To prepare children for school.

To inculcate Islamic Belief in little children.

To develop skills i.e. Maths, Writing. Reading, Practical and Problem-solving skills.


To provide a foundation for a lifetime of study.

To prepare them in becoming Khalifatullah fil-ard – Allahs vicegerents on earth.

Allah Ta`aalaa says in the Noble Qur’aan in Surah (23) Al Mu’minum, Aayaat 1 and 2,

“Successful indeed are the believers. Those who are humble in their Salaah.”

With this in mind, we ensure that all our pre-school learners are taught their 2 Raka`aat Salaah before venturing into Year/Grade One Alhamdulillah.