A project of the Hajee Ahmed Mohamed Lockhat Wakuff

Teacher's Guide

Guiding the Madrasah teacher towards the implementation of the IEOSA syllabus.

The Guide includes, inter alia, basic guidelines on ‘What is Teaching?’; ‘Function of the Teacher’; keeping of administrative records; assessment and grading of learners; sample time tables; etc. In addition to the IEOSA curriculum for the subjects, Qaa`idah/Qur’aan; Hifz (Surah’s and Du`aa’s); Practicals (Wudu and Salaah); Arabic; Urdu, Islamic History; Fiqh and Islamic Teachings and Tahdhib, this guide also includes, for each subject:- an overview and the objectives of the subject, the syllabus for each Grade/Year; general guidelines for the teacher; guidelines on how to follow the Schemes of Work / Year Planners; Samples of the Schemes of Work / Year Planners; general methodology for teaching of the subject, sample Lesson Plans for each Grade / Year – with one detailed Model Lesson; blank Lesson Plan forms; examination / assessment guidelines – together with sample Examination Papers for the junior and senior classes.