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Awqaf SA Educator Training Workshop
Alhamdulillah, the staff of IEOSA, not only conduct teacher training workshops but also attend educational workshops.  Being participants of workshops and seminars assists to broaden their horizons keeping them abreast of the changing environment and  growing trends.  
The educator training workshop was conducted by the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA) in partnership with H2 Advisory.  The aim of the workshop was to introduce educators to innovative techniques to improve the delivery of classroom lessons.
Educators and school managers were introduced to the pioneering research of education specialist, Carl Garner, who has written several books on the ‘How2Teach,’ ‘How2Learn’ and ‘Teach2Learn’ concepts.
The H2 Advisory developed modules to empower teachers to better support and motivate their students and to move away from the traditional techniques of repetitive, “teacher talk and chalk” learning methods to critical, analytical, and problem solving skills.
Ieosa Invited As Guests And Presenters To The South Coast Madressa School

Alhamdulillah, South Coast Madressah honoured their learners that commenced with the ‘Tilaawatul Qur’aan’ on the 3 September 2016 by hosting a programme at their school. Qari A.Y.Lockhat was honoured to be invited as a guest speaker and grateful to the school for allowing IEOSA to be a part of the programme. Sister Fathima Khan of the Qur’aan Department presented a session informing the parents of the journey their child had been on in order to reach the most important stage of Tilaawatul Qur’aan. The parents were also informed of the IEOSA online books made available through the IEOSA Book Reader.

The teachers of ‘Muslim School Oadby, an affiliate madrasah of IEOSA in the UK,
receive OCN certificates from the SDSA – Supplementary Schools development Agency.
Present at the presentation was Qari A.Y.Lockhat , president of IEOSA.

United Kingdom - OWMA presents a cheque to ‘Islamic Relief
for Africa Aid’.  Qari A.Y.Lockhat present at the handover.
The Huffaaz leading the Taraaweeh Salaah at the Lockhat Masjid in Mayville, Durban, were pleasantly surprised and indeed honoured when Ustaad Hafiz Yusuf Soofie Paruk attended the Taraaweeh Salaah at the Masjid recently.  Ustaad Hafiz Yusuf Soofie Paruk, who is a student of the late  Hadrat Moulana Abu Bakr Khatib Saheb (Rahimahullaah), led the Taraweeh Salaah for over 40 years from the 1940’s at the Lockhat Masjid, Alhamdulillah.

Left to Right (seated):
Hafiz Hoosen Paruk, Hafiz Yusuf Patel,
Hafiz Muhammad Lockhat, Qari Ahmed Lockhat, Hafiz Yusuf Soofie Paruk & Moulana Fayzur Rahman
Left to Right (standing):
Hafiz Muhammad Vawda & Brother Abdul Kader Lockhat.

IEOSA launches their Colour Publications and Online eBooks.

The Islamic Educational Organisation of Southern Africa (IEOSA) held the official launch of the latest edition of their colour publications and online Android Device Inter-active e-books at the Crescent School Hall in Parlock on Saturday, 30 July 2016. The launch, which Alhamdulillah proved to be highly successful, was attended by approximately 200 participants and included teachers from various Madrasah’s and Islamic Schools, principals, madrasah officials and parents.

The presenters at the launch, including the President of the Organisation, Qari Ahmed Yusuff Lockhat, a graduate of the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, explained the need for the transition of the IEOSA textbooks to colour. He also addressed the participants on the need and demand for Madrasah text books being converted to digital format thereby making the books available online in keeping with current global trends. Qari Ahmed Lockhat mentioned that the demand for the IEOSA texbooks has been increasing steadily, especially in the United Kingdom.

The highlight of the launch was undoubtedly the FREE downloading of two of the colour publications, namely, the Ta`leemul Qira’aah Wal Kitaabah Part 1 and the `Ilmut Tajweed’ which ignited much excitement amongst the participants, who tried to ensure that these 2 valuable books were downloaded onto their mobiles and tablets before leaving the Hall.

The online IEOSA e-books are user-friendly and are available via the ‘IEOSA BOOK READER’. The online books have a number of inter-active applications, especially in the Qaa`idah and Hifz (Surah’s and du`aas) text books which plays back the correct recitations not only for easy learning, but also as a useful application for the teacher in the classroom and the parents at home.

Anyone who is interested in viewing and/or purchasing these text Books can visit our webpage, or can contact our Offices on 031-3019744 or visit us at Siute 101, 1st Floor, Wakuff Building, 112 Dr AB Xuma Street (formerly Commercial Road), Durban.

Qari A.Y.Lockhat recites the opening Qiraa`ah
Hafez Azhar Vawda welcomes the attendees
Moulana Muhammad Jhazbhaiconducting a session
Some of the guests
Guests from the ‘Greater Edendale Muslim’ society
Affiliate Madaaris attendees
Muslim Education Fair 2016

Held at the London Muslim Centre, London on the 23rd , 24th April 2016.
Alhamdulillah, Qari A.Y.Lockhat, the president of the ‘ISLAMIC EDUCATIONAL ORGANISATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA’, attended and participated in the Muslim Education Book Fair 2016 which promoted Muslim Education in the United Kingdom. Qari A.Y.Lockhat showcased and promoted IEOSA’s Madrasah syllabi and publications at the official IEOSA stand. The fair featured exhibitors, organisations, Universities & Research Institutes, Charities, Public Service Providers and Publishers etc. IEOSA also officially launched its Android application site, ‘flipick’ which allows users to purchase and download IEOSA’s new publications.
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