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Up to the early 1980's, there were no Islamic Teacher Training colleges to provide the all important task of training Mu`allims and Mu`allimaats in the field of teaching professionally using a structured syllabus.   Alhamdulillah the organization (IEOSA) then took on this honoured task by  employing a few personnel who worked on a core curriculum and syllabus, conducted regular teacher workshops and monitored the few centres affiliated to the Organisation.  In this way, we hoped to merge our Islamic education with modern techniques.

On assessing the teachers, we found that some teachers were lacking in certain aspects of the pupils curriculum.  In order to overcome this problem, and stemming from the realisation that a successful curriculum model depends largely upon teacher ability, and resourcefulness, our research team proposed the establishment of an intensive Teacher Education Program since no institution was providing this service and no material was available.

Alhamdulillah, with the demand for our services increasing and the dire need to establish a structured Teacher Education Course, we employed specialists for each subject and appointed them as Heads of Departments.  Each Head was assigned an assistant and together they researched the syllabus for their particular subject and concurrently prepared teacher support material.

In this way we implemented an intensive bi-weekly 2 year Diploma Course for training Madrasah teachers including specific methodology even to the extent of providing new teachers with on-site training commonly known as block teaching.  In addition to the imparting of knowledge in the respective Islamic subjects, our courses, in order to fulfil the educational needs in our environment includes subjects like Chalkboard techniques, Methodology, Psychology, Study Skills, First aid and Literacy.

Our teachers are given practical training in Arabic, Urdu and English writing techniques as well as guidelines on the effective use of the chalkboard.  The Head of Department of our Psychology Department has devised a special course dealing specifically with the problems that the teacher would face in the Madrasah situation.  While the subject lecturers discuss specific methodology related to their particular subject, our courses also includes general methodology where teachers are trained on techniques of effective classroom management, including keeping of progress records, marking of registers, filling in of lesson plans, and prep books, etc.

In the Teacher Education program the teachers are made to realize that they need not only be  persons of learning but also persons of virtue and piety, whose conduct may have an impact upon the young minds. IEOSA impresses upon the fact that it is not only what they teach that matters; what they do, the way they conduct themselves, their deportment in class and outside, must all conform to the Islamic idealism which the pupils would imitate.  Course requirements are, self-study, tests, assignments, micro-teaching, and a final examination followed by a Diploma to successful students.

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