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The Muslims in South Africa are a minority being no more than 2 million in strength out of a total population of more than 40 million.  The Muslims come from all race groups with the majority from the Coloured and Asian groups.

The "IEOSA SYSTEM" also applies to the Dawah special programs held for Adults & Students.  To ensure maximum benefit we have structured different programs.

1. IEOSA ADULT DAWAH PROGRAM- which caters for Adults seeking to learn the basic practices of Islam.  This course is divided into 4 modules after which students that successfully complete these modules can join the mainstream >Teacher Education Programs' from which they can qualify as Junior Primary Madrasah Teachers or Pre- School teachers.  Alhamdulillah teachers from the Islamic Dawah Movement (IDM) , South African Dawah Network (SADN) & Imdaad (SANZAF) also enrol for the Teacher Education Programs.

2. WAKUFF SUNDAY PROGRAM- Approximately 100 female adults are currently attending this program with their children between 10h00 & 14h00. Islamic classes are provided until 13h00 after which Zuhr  Salaah is  performed.  Lunch is provided to the adults & children weekly, hampers are provided monthly as most are unemployed.

As an extension of the Da`wah Program, & to cater for the adult reverts in the surrounding areas, we also assist organisations like:-  Imdaad (SANZAF);  South African Dawah Network (SADN), Islamic Dawah Movement (IDM), etc with the training of their teachers.

The teachers for these programs receive instructions weekly. The syllabi, texts, teachers manuals, students notes are researched & supplied by IEOSA.  The course at these centres are divided into 4 modules.  Our Advisors monitor the education progress at these centres.

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