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Alhamdulillah!  The Trust once again took a bold step in establishing the first Al-Azhar School in the province in conjunction with the world-renowned Al-Azhar Institute of Egypt.  The school is situated in 20 INGCUCE STREET(formely ALBERT STREET), Durban, South Africa                                 

The official opening of the Al-Azhar School of Durban held at the City Hall in February 2001 - At the official opening dignitaries included:
Shaykh Ahmad Al-Rouzeqqi (Secretary General o f Quraa counsel of Egypt), Shaykh Tariq Abdul Basit, Shaykh Mustahpa & Shaykh Mansoor from Al-Azhar  Mission in South Africa and Dr Khalid Mahmood (Representative for Egyptian Ambassador in S.Africa )

The Trust has formed the Al-Azhar Educational Waqf which will be responsible for the major running costs of the School.

The Al-Azhar Educational Waqf of Durban will be responsible for the preparation of the school, school equipment, the provision of teachers and will ensure the implementation of the curriculum through the English language based on the South African School curriculum.  The Al-Azhar School of Durban has already been registered with the Department of Education.  The Al-Azhar of Egypt  provides the lecturers who implement a special curriculum of the Arabic language and Islamic Studies through the Arabic medium.

The benefit of studying at the Al-Azhar School is that pupils study their normal secular subjects as per the curriculum of the Department of Education and Culture of South Africa via. the English medium; while the Islamic subjects, viz. Tawhid, Tafseer, Hadith, Arabic, Fiqh, etc. is taught via the Arabic medium by qualified personnel from the Al-Azhar of Egypt.

On completion of the Matric examinations which will be conducted under the auspices of the Department of Education and Culture of South Africa, together with the Islamic Studies certification from the Al-Azhar, students will be eligible to enter into any of the Universities, Colleges or Technikons in South Africa or the Middle East, including the Al-Azhar Institute of Egypt which offers courses in the study of Medicine, Engineering, Islamic Law, Da`wah, etc.

For us, it is a tremendous honour to be associated with the Al-Azhar - and we ask you to join us to share in the fruits of this project, Inshaa'Allah.

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